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HR Philosophy

From the production floor to the tool room, from quality control to finance accounting, we recognise every individual staff member as a valuable contributor to the organization. Our ever present awareness of the need to cultivate and upgrade from within is the backbone of our successful staffing philosophy. This has culminated to a proud number of staff with more than 30 years of service at SPI.

To encourage every staff member to develop to the utmost of his potential, we have made recurrent upgrading to our Talent Acquisition and Learning & Development themes. To remain competitive, we understand that the ultimate difference lies in our people – SPI’s most valuable asset.

swiss precision recruitment

To explore our current openings, please click on the following:

Current Internship Openings

If you feel that you can contribute to SPI's growth, we would be happy to hear from you. Please submit your resume to: and we will contact you if we find your experience and qualification suitable.

Thank you for your interest in SPI.

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