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LowCarbonSG Emission Recognition  


September 2023

SPI join hands with Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS) and World Bank's Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) to reduce carbon emissions.


SPI is proud to be a LowCarbonSG participant, a nationwide capability-building programme and to be recognized as an emissions-conscious company. SPI is the first to be recognized in our industry. We encouraged stakeholders at all levels including our business partners. SPI has started implementing steps on energy and resource efficient initiatives. We are working with our customers and suppliers not only on recycling but assisting them to build awareness and implement actions for reduction of carbon footprint.


SPI has installed solar panels across our entire roof-tops thereby contributing to use of green energy in our manufacturing activities.


Manufacturing Analytics with Real Time Data Acquisition Software  

November 2022

SPI embarked on a real time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) system to achieve high machinery & equipment performance including an Inventory Tracking System (ITS) to track end to end manufacturing flow starting from raw materials to finished goods.


Integrated API interface between the various systems has enabled material information movements digitally and eliminates manual intervention.


SPI's Manufacturing Analytics puts in place robust manufacturing practices ensuring world class operational performance and consistent product quality.

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Ventured into Food Packaging Industry

September 2022

The food and beverage industries are continuously seeing a strong increased demand for more products, post-pandemic era.


Through using our current capabilities and capacities, SPI has embarked on production of one-way degassing valves for use in the coffee packaging industry. We are also extending this application to industrial packaging industry.


SPI’s well-defined diversification strategy aligns perfectly with the company's core competencies allowing us not to be reliant in our traditional presence in Automotive, Electronics, Semiconductor and Medical industries.


This diversification certainly increases our market presence and widens our product portfolios.

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Business Expansion into Industrial Applications  

August 2022

Another growth potential for SPI is setting foot into industrial applications. SPI is currently collaborating with a market leader in the extruded plastic profiles business.


This brings our company to new heights resulting to a strong market presence in different industries and applications hence opening new revenue streams.

SPI Celebrates 50th Anniversary 

August 2021

Swiss Precision Industries celebrates its 50th Birthday!​

Throughout the 50 years since inception, we have been through the thick and thin. Covid-19 has especially challenging, but the challenges we faced make us more agile and resilient, and it is through the challenges that we faced together that make us ONE TEAM.  


As we commemorate this special occasion, we also intend to be around for many more years to come. The journey ahead is not going to be smooth and easy but with everyone putting their heads and hearts together, it is certainly the formula to success. As the pandemic requires us to observe strict safe distancing measures, we will not be able to celebrate our 50th birthday together. However, we have prepared some meaningful gifts for everyone.

Have a great anniversary everyone!


Partner of Labour Movement Award

April 2021

SPI was conferred a Partner of Labour Movement Award for its significant contributions through collaborations of national impact, as well as promoted and supported the Labour Movement initiatives with Metal Industries Workers’ Union.


Swiss Precision Industries (SPI) and MIWU have jointly collaborated in a Job Secondment Programme during the COVID-19 pandemic economic downturn.


During this period, SPI Management had also regularly engaged MIWU through participation in the company’s townhall sessions, and shared information activities to jointly develop and implement cost-saving plans, demonstrating excellent partnership and great collaboration.


Long Service Award Ceremony 2020

December 2020

As part of SPI’s employee recognition program, the Long Service Award is a valuable component of an organization's overall employee recognition efforts.


The group management briefed the staff and expressed the gratitude to all the staff who has been loyal and committed to SPI.


During this year’s Long Service Award, our Group Managing Director, Mr. Adrian Lim, graced the event and has presented the Awards to 24 of our very experienced employees for their knowledge and continuing contributions. 2 of the staff has been particularly venerated for committing their loyalty to SPI for more than 30 years.

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