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Services and Capabilities

At SPI, our fully integrated engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to develop and produce metal and plastic components with a clear focus on meeting customers` stringent quality requirements and time to market objectives. To stay ahead of competition and ensure business success, SPI is constantly improving and expanding the scope of our service and capability to deliver to the standards and demand of global markets. 

With decades of in-house tool design expertise, SPI is the one-stop solution provider for tool design ranging from simple blanking tool to complex multi- stage progressive tool. The engineering competency is further enhanced and complemented with state-of-the-art designing software such as NX Mach 3, AutoCAD, Solid Edge and AI CAD.

Tool Design

SPI is equipped with the internal capability of rapid tool prototyping and fabrication with comprehensive tool room machineries, allowing a short turn-around time. We are capable of supporting the fabrication of tool sizes beyond 2 metres.

Tool Fabrication

As a premium brand in the metal industry, SPI is renowned as the stamped components supplier providing a wide variety of precision engineering products ranging from miniature to large components (less than 1 mm ~ 250 mm in size), including deep drawn parts and reel-to-reel terminals.

Metal Stamping

As part of our vertical integration strategy, SPI has added a plastic injection molding division which is capable of 3D mold design with moldflow analysis, and multiple mold types including 2K (Twin shot), insert, outsert, and high cavity molds.

Plastic Injection Molding


SPI kick-starts the industrial 4.0 initiative through the adoption of machine status monitoring system and barcoded inventory management system to enhance operation efficiency and productivity

Operation Monitoring

SPI is capable of high precision wire forms and springs production with multiple sizes and various materials. We provide a wide variety of springs including compression, extension, torsion, double torsion and drawbar. Multi-Slide machines (up to 8 slides and 250 SPM) stamp metal components at different directions, completing multiple manufacturing processes in a single operation

Springs & Multi-Slide

SPI specializes in precision machining for implants for orthopaedic and non-invasive surgical devices. We provide R&D, prototyping and engineering support. Our integrated manufacturing line allows for flexible serial production in small lot sizes.

Precision Machining

SPI value-adds to our customers by providing mechanical parts assembly. We utilize various innovative techniques to assemble multiple parts together.


SPI offers in-house secondary process services such as degreasing, spot welding, and riveting to complete the manu-facturing process. We also work closely with our trusted partners in providing plating, surface treatment and heat treatment services to our customers

Secondary Process


SPI is transforming the production workflow via the introduction of robotics and automation at various processes, i.e. assembly, inspection and packing

Process Automation

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