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To stay ahead of competition and ensure our business success, SPI is constantly improving and expanding the scope of our production services. Our fully integrated engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to develop and produce metal and plastic components with a clear focus on meeting customers` high quality level and time to market objectives.

Precision Metal Stamping

SPI delivers total customised solutions in the development of precision stamping tools and components that our customers need in their manufacturing processes. From fully integrated product development to final assembly, all the way through to dedicated after-sales service, we partner you every step of the way.  

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Precision Machining

Technology transfer from our sister company in Switzerland, Innotool & Greminger, enabled SPI to provide precision machining services for orthopedic instruments and implants. Being quality certified to ISO 13485 standards, we are an upcoming vendor for European medical companies looking for a cost reduction alternative in Asia.

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Plastic Injection Molding

Latest acquisition of a Plastic Injection Molding company in China moved SPI towards the next tier in component manufacturing. With in-house mold design, mold making and 2K molding capabilities, our China entity is set to differentiate themselves from competition in providing a one-stop component manufacturing solution.

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